As the lockdown was lifted in Ghana, LADL subsequently resumed full operations by launching a continuous stream of product innovations in the Ready-to-Bake range. These frozen, unbaked delicious classic French fine butter croissants are to be enjoyed with jam or butter and a coffee for continental breakfast. The delicious Viennese pastries are made with a recipe rich in butter for meltingly soft texture and an intense taste. Suitable for vegetarians. They range from plain croissants, cheese and chocolate croissants, cinnamon rolls, pain au raisin and sausage croissants, all of which have been a success. We have also recently introduced our flagship product, the ready rolled puff pastry sheet and a range of puff pastry turnovers. LADL puff pastry sheets can be customized by anyone, just shape it, fill it, glaze it and bake it. Unlike our croissants, puff pastry does not require proofing.

 LADL puff pastry dough sheets are made quality from scratch in Ghana with locally sourced wholesome materials that consistently bakes up tender with flaky layers. The dough sheets are straightforward and easy to work with for any skill level, eliminating any trial and error. Our unique sheeting format gives users the ability to create multiple types of products, choosing what best supports their operation. Recipe applications are versatile across both sweet and savory flavor profiles. The company has now grown from selling only baked pastries to selling frozen ready-to-bake range of products. However, this is just the beginning of our product offerings as we are working on introducing a broad range of bake-at-home pastries and eventually making it accessible to all homes.

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