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LADL previously operated a general catering business casually as a hobby since 2010. 1n 2017 the owners registered the business as LADL PATISSERIE and started selling freshly baked pastries from a mini food truck situated at events and along streets in commercial districts in the city. It wasn’t until 2021 that we had the brainwave of selling ready-to-bake frozen croissants and ready rolled puff pastry.

The COVID 19 pandemic brought a lot of misfortunes to the world but at the same time was a time that brought out the creativity in a lot of business owners who needed to ensure their businesses remained relevant in this era.  During the peak of the COVID, the company had the bright idea to start a trial production of frozen ready-to-bake croissants and ready rolled puff pastry for supply to families under lockdown. The initial idea was to create convenience at a time when most people were stuck at home and afraid of stepping out because of the risk of contracting COVID.

As the world adjusted to living with the new reality of online purchases and e-commerce, our frozen ready-to-bake products gradually became popular as it has been well received by many because we aim at making more complex baking accessible to busy mums who can pick up our packages from supermarkets and bake from home. The pastries can be baked on demand making them ideal for hotels and all in the catering industries, for example caterers, restaurants, coffee shops, and for breakfast baskets.

Vision Statement

To grow an unmatched bakery goods brand name known for quality at every breakfast table with an extensive reach across Ghana and Africa.

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Mission Statement

To make quality, healthy, fresh, wholesome and affordable ready-to-bake bakery products available in every home. 

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